storytelling, communication & activation

Initiatives using storytelling and climate messaging to activate and motivate others to join the movement

School Strike4Climate Castlemaine

Fighting for our future against the climate crisis by amplifying young people’s voices and organising strikes, rallies, and protests in and around Castlemaine. A youth-led initiative creating greater climate awareness in the community and encouraging meaningful action, and steps towards climate justice.

Mount Alexander Net Zero Working Group

Inspiring and encouraging communities and businesses in Mount Alexander Shire to use 100% renewable energy by 2023. A web campaign and group creating advocacy media and working directly with businesses and organisations to help shift their operations.

Saltgrass Radio & Podcast

Highlighting and celebrating what people are doing about the climate crisis here in Mount Alexander Shire. An uplifting podcast that shares local knowledge by giving air space to the people and organisations that are working towards a safer climate and environment