School Strike4Climate Castlemaine


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Organisations Involved

School Strike4Climate Australia
Friends of the Earth
Central Victorian Climate Action


We are a group of young people fighting for our future against the climate crisis. We’re taking action to demand that our community, government and corporations take meaningful action, and steps towards climate justice.

The Castlemaine School Strike 4 Climate team organises strikes, rallies, and protests. We campaign, organise, and mobilise, to raise awareness about the climate crisis and push for climate action.

The Australian branch of the international climate strike movement began in Castlemaine in 2018. Since then, it has spread across the country, but is still running in Castlemaine. SS4C is about raising awareness about climate justice, as well as demanding climate action in our community, corporations, and government.

ZNET: emission avoidance and drawdown

  • Raising awareness about the urgent need to reduce emissions

ADAPT: people, places and sectors are climate ready

  • supporting connected communities by seeking to bring people together over climate actvism

REGENERATIVE CULTURE: embrace caring for Country and Community, working creatively and a just society

  • Creating awareness about the link between climate justice and First Nations justice.
  • Ensuring the voices of young people are raised and heard
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