Regenerate before it’s too late

The ‘Regenerate before it’s too late’ project engages the community about the importance of large old trees and how to protect them.

Over a three year period, 2022-25, Connecting Country will host a series of workshops and produce communication materials to support the project. Connecting Country will also help local landholders with practical on-ground actions to protect their large old trees and ensure the next generation of large old trees across the landscape. Additionally, the project solicits citizen scientists to help through an interactive mapping portal to register old trees – more about the project

cover image: Frances Howe

ZNET: emission avoidance and drawdown

  • Improves capacity for carbon drawdown through research and training that contributes to the health of natural landscapes.

ADAPT: people, places and sectors are climate ready

  • Generates accurate knowledge about how large old trees are coping with the changing climate – improving our capacity to plan and respond to climate impacts.

REGENERATIVE CULTURE: embrace caring for Country and Community, working creatively and a just society

  • Strengthening the connections between community and Country through citizen science
  • Encourages a shared sense of responsibility towards caring for the natural environment.
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