encouraging connected neighbourhoods

Projects and programs seeking to strengthen neighbourhood relationships and support hyper-local collaboration

Elphinstone Cool Places

Regenerating the habitat value of a derelict semi-industrial landscape and creating an outdoor space where the community can gather on hot days. The project explores and documents regenerative methods of invasive species removal and solicits the community engagement.

Castlemaine Repair Cafe

Connecting our shire community, sharing skills and reducing waste by keeping items out of landfill for longer. A regular event where people from Castlemaine (and surrounds) volunteer to repair items brought in by the community – including electrical, furniture, textiles, bicycle maintenance and more.


Creating networks of urban habitat and connecting people with nature and neighbours. Through knowledge sharing and a regenerative design process, the project supports residents to develop an ecologically informed and achievable vision for their shared habitat with extra-human life.

YIMBY Compost

Turning waste into rich compost while increasing community knowledge, connections and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A project where volunteer composters collect and process their neighbours’ organic food waste – reducing waste transportation miles and avoiding rotting organics in landfill