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Anitra Nelson
Castlemaine Free University


Castlemaine Free University (CFU) is a regular presentation and discussion forum that takes place each month at the Northern Arts Hotel. The forum is open to a diversity of  views but values are oriented around environmental sustainability and social justice, key principles for addressing contemporary issues.

CFU it is part of a global free university movement of freely associated networks that value individual and collective autonomy. It was established for those living in Mount Alexander Shire and Central Victoria more generally. Events are free and speakers are unpaid. The CFU is generously supported by the Northern Arts Hotel at 359 Barker Street. The event occurs on the first Monday every month from February to December at 18:30 for 19:00. Sometimes activities, such as reading groups, are held at other times. You can get on the newsletter e-list by emailing the convenor.

ZNET: emission avoidance and drawdown

  • Imagining a zero-carbon future and creating awareness about reducing emissions.

ADAPT: people, places and sectors are climate ready

  • Sharing, raising and discussing key contemporary ideas relevant to our climate response and giving exposure to local thinking and approaches.

REGENERATIVE CULTURE: embrace caring for Country and Community, working creatively and a just society

  • Holds inclusive, free events that affirm and celebrate the values of environmental sustainability and social justice
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